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Кастрюля для водяной бани 1.7 л Beka Bain Marie (12040154)

PK-LH-K165BT stainless steel Bain Marie

PK-LH-K165A-2 PROKIT GN 1/3 stainless steel Bain Marie

PK-LH-K165B-3 stainless steel Bain Marie

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Salle Bain Mobile Bagno Cassettiera Legno Mobili Per La Casa Wood Cabinet Organizer Furniture Mueble De Sala Chest Of Drawers

La Casa Shabby Chic Meuble Salle Bain Living Room Vintage Retro Wood Cabinet Organizer Furniture Mueble De Sala Chest Of Drawers

Meuble Salle Bain Kasten Szafka Tv Mobili Per La Casa Vintage Wooden Furniture Cabinet Organizer Mueble De Sala Chest Of Drawers

Tv Meuble Salle Bain Cassettiera Legno Armarios Kasten European Wood Furniture Mueble De Sala Organizer Cabinet Chest Of Drawers

Vaclav Smil Natural Gas. Fuel for the 21st Century

Natural gas is the world’s cleanest fossil fuel; it generates less air pollution and releases less CO2 per unit of useful energy than liquid fuels or coals. With its vast supplies of conventional resources and nonconventional stores, the extension of long-distance gas pipelines and the recent expansion of liquefied natural gas trade, a truly global market has been created for this clean fuel. Natural Gas: Fuel for the 21st Century discusses the place and prospects of natural gas in modern high-energy societies. Vaclav Smil presents a systematic survey of the qualities, origins, extraction, processing and transportation of natural gas, followed by a detailed appraisal of its many preferred, traditional and potential uses, and the recent emergence of the fuel as a globally traded commodity. The unfolding diversification of sources, particularly hydraulic fracturing, and the role of natural gas in national and global energy transitions are described. The book concludes with a discussion on the advantages, risks, benefits and costs of natural gas as a leading, if not dominant, fuel of the 21st century. This interdisciplinary text will be of interest to a wide readership concerned with global energy affairs including professionals and academics in energy and environmental science, policy makers, consultants and advisors with an interest in the rapidly-changing global energy industry.

2995.97 RUR



Water-bath Soup Warmer 5.7L 10L Stainless Steel Pot 110V 220V Commercial Bain Marie Cafeteria Buffet Canteen Restaurant

PKLH.K165ATM Wholesale Portable Electric buffet food warmers display for sale 201 Stainless Steel bain marie

ITOP Kitchen Multifunction Hot Plates Electric 5.7L Soup Pot stainless steel buffet soup kettle food warmer bain marie system

EH22 2/3/4 tanks electric chocolate stove stainless steel melting pot oven commercial hot bain marie

Haggard H.R. Marie = Мари: на английском языке

The youthful Allan Ouatermain is bound for strange adventures, in the company of the ill-fated Pieter Retief and the Boer Commission, on an embassy to the Zulu despot, Dingaan. Yet he is bound, too, for one of the deepest romances of his life - for in Marie he tells of his courtship and marriage to his first wife, Marie Marais.

325 RUR



Serge Biollaz M.A. Synthetic Natural Gas. From Coal, Dry Biomass, and Power-to-Gas Applications

Provides an overview of the different pathways to produce Synthetic Natural Gas Covers technological, and economic aspects of this Synthetic Natural Gas Details the most popular technologies and state-of-the-art of SNG technologies while also covering recent and future research trends Covers the main process steps during conversion of coal and dry biomass to SNG: gasification, gas cleaning, methanation and gas upgrading Describes a number of novel processes for the production of SNG with their specific combination of process steps as well as the boundary conditions Covers important technical aspects of Power-to-Gas processes

11244.69 RUR



Kast Badkamer Meubel Rangement Mobiletto Furniture Vanity Mobile Bagno Banheiro meuble Salle De Bain Bathroom Cabinet

Rangement Mobiletto Szafka Armoire Table Schoenenkast Banheiro Mobile Bagno Vanity meuble Salle De Bain Bathroom Cabinet


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