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Колонка Denn DBS IPX406

Denn DBS IPX406 (камуфляж)

Колонка Denn DBS IPX405

Колонка Denn DBS IPX407

Колонка Denn DBS F001 Black

Колонка Denn DBS F005

Колонка Denn DBS F001 Gray

Michael Wagner SQL/XML. 2006 - Evaluierung der Standardkonformitat ausgewahlter Datenbanksysteme

Die eXtensible Markup Language (XML) hat sich als grundlegende Technologie im elektronischen Datenaustausch etabliert. Eine Vielzahl an Daten ist jedoch historisch bedingt in Datenbanksystemen (DBS) abgespeichert und wird dort von vielen Anwendungen genutzt. Nachdem beide Konzepte aus heutiger Sicht nicht mehr wegzudenken sind, werden Techniken benötigt, die die beiden kombinieren. Beinahe alle DBS-Hersteller haben auf diese Entwicklung reagiert und verschiedenste Möglichkeiten zur Handhabung von XML in DBS entwickelt. Auch die International Organization for Standards (ISO) widmet XML einen eigenen Part im SQL-Standard, ISO 9075-14: XML Related Specification, kurz SQL/XML. Die Hersteller von DBS orientieren sich in unterschiedlichem Ausmaß an diesem Standard. Aus Gründen der Migration ist zu hinterfragen bzw. zu überprüfen, inwiefern verschiedene DBS diesen Standard unterstützen. Dies stellt gleichzeitig das grundlegende Ziel dieses Buches dar. Dazu wird die SQL/XML:2006-Spezifikation näher erläutert und ein Kriterienkatalog, mit Hilfe dessen die XML-Unterstützung eines beliebigen DBS evaluiert werden kann, entwickelt. Im Rahmen dieses Buches findet der entwickelte Kriterienkatalog an drei ausgewählten DBS der Hersteller Oracle, Microsoft und Sun Anwendung.

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Denn DBS F001 (черный)

Denn DBS F005 (белый)

Denn DBS IPX407 (черный)

Denn DBS IPX405 (синий)

Denn DBS F001 (серый)

Denn DBS F006 (черный)

Denn DBS TUBE (черный)

Lee Mike S. Dried Blood Spots. Applications and Techniques

An informative and comprehensive book on the applications and techniques of dried blood spot sampling Dried blood spot (DBS) sampling involves the collection of a small volume of blood, via a simple prick or other means, from a study subject onto a cellulose or polymer paper card, which is followed by drying and transfer to the laboratory for analysis. For many years, this method of blood sample collection has been extensively utilized in some important areas of human healthcare (for example, newborn screening for inherited metabolic disorders and HIV-related epidemiological studies). Because of its advantages over conventional blood, plasma, or serum sample collection, DBS sampling has been valued by the pharmaceutical industry in drug research and development. Dried Blood Spots: Applications and Techniques features contributions from an international team of leading scientists in the field. Their contributions present a unique resource on the history, principles, procedures, methodologies, applications, and emerging technologies related to DBS. Presented in three parts, the book thoroughly examines: Applications of DBS sampling and associated procedures and methodologies in various human healthcare studies Applications and perspectives of DBS sampling in drug research and development, and therapeutic drug monitoring New technologies and emerging applications related to DBS sampling and analysis Dried Blood Spots: Applications and Techniques is a valuable working guide for researchers, professionals, and students in healthcare, medical science, diagnostics, clinical chemistry, and pharmaceuticals, etc.

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Басовый комбоусилитель Taurus BL-1010

Комбоусилитель для бас-гитары, мощность 250 Вт, динамики: 2 х 250 мм плюс ВЧ (керамическая мембрана), регуляторы тембра MLO, переключатель басов DBS, вход: активный/пассивный Jack 6,3 мм, Effect выход: Speakon/Jack 6,3 мм на акустику, внешний блок питания

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Taurus BL-1010 похожие


Mustafa Eltigani Yassin and Isam M. Elkhidir Evaluation of dry blood spot for detection HIV1 using rapid tests

At the end of 2010, an estimated 34 million people were living with HIV worldwide, Sub-Saharan Africa remains the region most heavily affected by HIV, bout 68% of all people living with HIV resided in it. Simple robust approaches are needed to monitor the prevalence and incidence of HIV in Africa. The collection of dried blood spots (DBS) on filter paper provides a powerful approach for the development of large-scale, population-based screening programs. DBS methods are particularly valuable in developing countries and isolated rural regions where resources are limited. Large numbers of field specimens can be economically collected and shipped to centralized reference laboratories for molecular and (or) serological analysis.

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Anderson Matthew Leadership Derailment

Research has found the organizational base rate for leader failure to be 65-75%, with 75% of employees reporting leaders as the most stressful aspect of their employment. Despite these findings, little research has examined the particular leadership constructs, such as emotional intelligence (EI), transformational leadership (TL) style, and leader derailment behaviors (DBs), which may predict derailment. The purpose of this quantitative, nonexperimental study was to examine if leader DBs are best predicted by the relationships of EI (Hypothesis 1) or TL style (Hypothesis 2) among a military industrial organization. The theoretical foundations of the study were based on the Goleman theory of emotional intelligence, the Bass theory of transformational leadership, and the Hogan socioanalytic theory. A convenience sample of 135 military-industrial leaders was recruited through leadership associations, leadership forums, and professional and social media. The leaders were assessed for EI via the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory, for TL with the Global Transformational Leadership Scale, and for DBs with the Hogan Development Survey.

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